Organic Orthodox Black Tea (100g)

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This tea is the highest quality of Second Flush Orthodox leaf tea produced during the summer season in the month of June, 2018. During the summer season, exotic green flies are active on the buds and leaves of the tea which acts as a catalyst in producing a unique flavor from the leaves known as Muscatel flavor.

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Temi Tea Garden Information:

Temi tea derives its name from a place in the Himalayan State of Sikkim, India where it is grown since 1977. Temi tea is an exceptional tea of high quality, grown and processed organically without the use of pesticides or artificial fertilizers at an altitude of between 4800 ft. to 6400 ft. above mean sea level (MSL). The exquisite produce of Temi tea garden, ranks amongst the top-quality teas in the international market. Since they discard the flow of agro chemicals, Temi Organic tea simply tastes better and is more flavourful!


Temi tea has been certified 100% organic by IMO (Institute of market ecology) control and is also a member of IMO Switzerland since 2008. Temi tea estate has also been HACCP (Hazard Analysis of Critically Controlled Points) certified as per ISO 22000 standards under Food Safety Management System since 2010. Organic tea is derived from the same species as conventional tea plant. The difference lies in the cultivation procedure. Tea in Temi tea garden is grown and processed without pesticides or artificial fertilizers. Sikkim organic tea offers all the benefits of conventional tea; contains less pesticide residue and is fresher. Organic tea cultivation in Temi protects long term fertility of soils by maintaining organic matter levels, encouraging soil biological activity, and careful mechanical intervention.

Health Benefits

Studies have shown that tea and its constituents have various biological activities and that drinking tea might be beneficial to human health. Tea also has the potential to prevent or is used to adjuvant treatment of several diseases including cancer, cardiovascular disease and obesity.


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